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erk69's Journal
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Friday, December 7th, 2001
5:45 pm
After a few false starts, I decided that today was going to be the day that I told my PSO how I felt. That is, if I got to see her. I did get to see her but she said she didn't want to catch the train with me. While on the train, she found me and she had an idea to go shopping and asked me along. So I went.

We spent 3.5 hours shopping in all sorts of different shops. Afer a few couple type comments (especially from the old lady at Target), I decided to ask her after finishing the shopping. So I told her on the train that I love her and then she got off the train at her stop in shock. She told me that we'll talk more on the train on Monday.

Here's hoping.

Sunday, December 2nd, 2001
10:29 pm
I think I'll start a party.

Citizens against free school students by bratty North Shore School Students
Saturday, December 1st, 2001
12:18 am
In other news, I've been having a debate in the sandpit about freebies for school kids - very interesting debate indeed. I have not been as revved up in the pit for ages. The thread is "NSW School Pass Times - Too Early".

Website wise, I have not done much with my train site as I am close to my limit on my paid server. I have pics from my last Melbourne visit to scan. I've been concentrating on my Emergency Services site and also my Pizza fansite. As a result of the fansite, I've been told by quite a few people that my site is better than the official ones. I'm also honoured to be able to now start promoting my newest site (and one for someone else and not about me! LOL) which has come from people seeing my Pizza fansite.

The new site is the official website of Johnny Boxer, who plays Bobo in Pizza/ It is located at http://www.johnnyboxer.net and my Pizza site is at www.erk.au.com/pizza

Music - Stairway to Heaven - Led Zep
Mood - toey

12:07 am
This event in my previous entry (I learnt the hard way this thing has a word limit) made me think back to a rare LJ entry in September. Here it is:


Wednesday, September 19th, 2001

4:31 pm I guess I should post something, it has been 19 days since my last post.

I'm back doing my course but from the begining, which is OK because no two courses end up the same. I've met someone that I can feel quite good about waking up next to in the morning. I feel comfy with her and vice versa. We only met a week ago but it seems like I have known her a long time. It just feels so right that we should be together. At the moment, we aren't but if all goes well, we might be on Friday. I've fallen for her, HARD! Every girl I see in the street, I compare to her. I can't get her out of my head. Anyone who is female and looks good in a work uniform deserves double thumbs up from me. I dream about her. We exchange knowing looks at each other in class. We write notes. We share secrets. We lunch together. We catch the train part of the way home together.

Here's hoping.


Well despite me having two dates since that time and openly perving in front of her, 3 months have passed and my heart has crawled back in her direction. Part of the problem was that she had the hots for another guy who'd known her for 12 months and hadn't made a move on her. I don't know the full story but they spent sometime together and she learnt that he only cared about him. Besides, I met him and was not impressed. Neither is she now.

I was going to ask her out today but she had a bad news day so I didn't. About a week ago, we went shopping together for about 3 hours (lingerie shops included) and I remembered she really wanted a certain CD. Last night, I went out and brought that CD for her and also a pen that is her favourite colour on the outside with her name on it (not easy to find if it is light blue!).

I intended to give her this ift at afternoon tea and ask her out so I hid the gift in my jacket. Problem was, we didn't have afternoon tea. So here I am, trying to find a good time to get her alone and have a chat, not easy with other workmates around.

So we are on the train and I am sweating heavily but I don't want to take the jacket off. She virtually tried to take my jacket off on the train and see what I was hiding. She saw something and looked surprised.

When we got off the train, I spoke to her and gave her the gift. Expecting the normal reaction of "you shouldn't have, I can't take this", I was not expecting the hug in the middle of a busy station. I was taken aback and I told her that I care about her and I did notice she had a bad day. She said my gift cheered her up. And after the day she had, that was more than enough.

D & M feelings time on Monday.

12:00 am
Here's my token update for tonight........now today as it just clicked over to midnight LOL.

Anyhoo, I digress.

My love life as usual has been a shambles. I had been talking to someone for a month thinking that they were in Melbourne when the whole time (this started just before I came down Mexico way), she was in Sydney and not exactly truthful about her appearance. We arrange to meet up once I worked out she was in Sydney. We made plans to met up in the avro and I arranged tickets to see a show etc only for her to suddenly become sick.

Since I asked her was she really sick or just ending the date early by finding an excuse, she could not believe that I was questioning her honesty! HELLO! This coming from a person who said on several occasions she lived in Melbourne and on the weekend I was down there, she said she was in Brisbane on a work conference, left early, flew down to Sydney then caught the overnight XPT to Melbourne.

During all of this, I thought I'd found someone who wanted me for me and wanted to be more than a friend. It didn't happen. I have not heard from her since that day and now (as if I care), she's OS.

Monday, November 5th, 2001
10:48 am
I don't know why I did this test. Never been to a rave party in my life. Would rather go to a swingers club (not that I have - YET!)

I am 18% Raver.

Have I even been to a rave? I'll go home. Loser. I suck. Actually, I am probably just a normal person taking this test and don't know why.

Take the RAVER Test at Fuali.com!

Saturday, November 3rd, 2001
10:01 pm
Not much to report this week.

Got a new monitor today, my last one (4 months or so old when I got the p4) is up to you-know-what. I now have a 17 incher.

Wednesday, October 31st, 2001
5:47 pm
Now as promised Sunday's report.

Feeling a bit worse for wear after Saturday night, got a call from a friend in Sydney to tell me about something I'd want to photograph - too bad I'm 1000 km away. It was time to get up anyway.

Walked to Newport station and arrived at 0700. Found the next (and first) train to SSS was in 52 minutes. That was too far away so I caught a cab. Upon arrival, it was common for me to be asked questions despite me wearing a Fat Pizza t shirt (this was common throughout the weekend.)

Shortly before departure, I bumped into Mike and had a brief chat. I didn't think that I needed the FP t shirt after all, SSS was not exactly busy!

After the train left, I headed out to Coburg on a tram and saw an accident so I got a few snaps. Went for a walk between trams.

I then went for a walk from Nth Melbourne to Dynon but could not see much legally - the C class was in a bad position for a photo. Caught a bus back to town and I waited to see a couple of planned demos (Nudists and Police). It turned out that the Police cancelled their demo and the nudist demo was in the morning. It would have been interesting to see if the two groups met!

Went for a couple of more train/tram rides then it was back to my mate's place via KFC then to the airport. The Virginette at the check in counter asked me where I was going and I told her I was going to Sydney but she was welcome to send me somewhere else. She offered me Brisbane or Adelaide and no need to guess where I picked. Needless to say, I am in Sydney.

Overall a good trip. I need longer in Melbourne but.
Tuesday, October 30th, 2001
9:23 am
Now that I'm not so tired and have time, it is time to report in about the weekend in Mexico.

Flew down on Saturday with the Virginettes and noticed that there was a lot of people seemingly off to the horse races. Hats too, hats too. The only reason you'd see me at a racecourse is for the view - but what is the story with women and those stupid hats?

On arrival into Tulla, the head Virginette could not remember what the temp was going to be - we soon found out! Compared to Sydney, it was cold but I soon got used to it. Baggage collection was quick and the Skybus was waiting. After going to another terminal (Domestic I think, I was not paying attention), we were on the freeway heading into Spencer Street. This trip was good because not only was it express and we missed that stupid transfer stop in the city, I sighted some 81's in at Great Northern.

After leaving my luggage in a locker at Spencer Street, I headed off by train to Flinders Street on one of the new M>Train refurbs. I was impressed with this upgrade and also the upgrade at Flinders Street - last time I was in Melbourne the upgrade was still going on at the station. I also saw my first Connex refurb between the two stations.

Got some shots at FSS of both sets of refurbs then it was off to KFC for some food then to go searching for Citadis (thanks for the hints, Mike). I saw the superstop (good idea but I noticed the real time display didn't seem too real) so I jumped on a Yarra-ised tram towards Mont Albert. I couldn't get a seat to see the oncoming trams so I saw a Citadis speed by in the opposite direction. I got off at Russell/Collins and decided to wait there for a while.

While waiting there, I had a couple of weird experiences.

* Saw 4 mounted police who did a hookturn!
* Some guy that I later found was deaf was crapping on about how he paid $600 for 3 watches - he collects them. He also told me how someone (obviously affected by a drug of some sort) tried to pick him up in the male toilets at Heat nightclub. This I did not need to know.

As soon as the first tram came, I was out of here. That's a good thing. Lucky it was a 109 anyway!

Got off that tram near St Vincents Hospital, thought that was a good place to wait (and also had to take some non tram photos there). Before too long, Citadis 3001 (when are you Mexicans gonna have an abbreivation for that? LOL) arrived heading to Mont Albert so after a quick foot pursuit, I climbed aboard.

I must say that I was impressed with the look of the tram more in real life compared to the photos. However, tram travel will never be the same to me.......I thought I was on a train at one stage!

"I don't know, is it a train or is it a car?"

Travelling through Richmond was an eyeopening - I'd always pictured the place as being Greek or similiar but was disappointed that it had turned almost 100% Asian - not an Australian shop and very little English to be seen.

After seeing another non Transport subject, it was time to leave the Citadis (C Tram? LOL) and I headed back to the city. I did a bit more gunzelling and window shopping before meeting up with a couple of friends for a night of drinking in Prahran. When I got back to my mate's place around midnight, I remembered (surprisingly as I'd had a few) about daylight saving - one less hour sleep gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr. Bed.

Sunday report to follow.
Monday, October 22nd, 2001
7:19 pm
Erk is heading to Mexico on the weekend. If anyone wants to meet up on Sat night, email me (erk@erk.au.com) or ICQ me (36329370).

Friday, October 19th, 2001
11:03 pm
Well a lot has happened since my last entry.

I predicted correctly that car 1 would win Bathurst. Yay Erk!

My date was a bit of a fizzer. She was very quiet and personally not my type. When I called her the other day, she did not sound very interested. Time to try another option.

I've been going to the gym on average 2 times a week. I'm feeling good.

I've also got my hair streaked just over a week ago. It is looking good.

I had a D&M with my potential PSO. She called me romantic, sensitive and stuff like that. I think it is time to ask her out. I've sent her an SMS to see if she wants to go camping tomorrow night.

Saturday, October 6th, 2001
6:33 pm
Good news. Erk has a date on Monday night. Yes, Monday night. It is an unusual day for a first date but she is keen to see me and could not wait until next week! KEWL

Not much else to report. I am sick.

My main website and email have been down for most of this week due to a change of server by my webhost. Now I can't publish because it says that the server can't close a file called control.cnl - whatever that is!

Stooge count - 0
Fat Pizza Fan Group members - 9
Car number that will win Bathurst tomorrow - 1
Toey - yep
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2001
11:22 pm
Saw one of my romantic options today for the first time in just over a week. Everything appears to be ok now. It is almost how it was before the no speakies. That is good. I'm excited.

I decided to wear a Knights jumper to work over the uniform. Saw someone I know and she told me to take the jumper off. So I says "woo hoo, it is only 7.30am and here I am getting an offer!"


Went to the gym, found one I want to be a member of. Did a Pizza review for last night's episode. Off to bed.

Monday, October 1st, 2001
1:40 pm

What can I say? What a game! What a crowd! What a result! I was there!

Not much else to say right now!

Sunday, September 30th, 2001
3:27 am
I went and seen the Fat Pizza stage show last night (Saturday) at the Enmore Theatre. The humour may not appeal to those without a sense of humour but oh well. I can't say too much but there are some interesting developments ahead in this area.

Apart from that, I relaxed today. I had a drive of MSTS with 3801. Very good.

I know that MK goes for the Bombers in the AFL and would not be happy (probably) to read this next bit (I didn't see the game) but good on the Lions for winning the AFL. It is proof that AFL isn't just a game for VIC/SA/TAS/NT/WA. Better luck next year Mike.

Had to laugh at the Brisbane player who said that winning the GF is better than sex. Either his sex life isn't any good and if it was and he is attached, it won't be for much longer.

Music - None
Toey - Lots of talent out tonight - especially at the stage show. Very toey
Number of stooges seen today - 10
Number of members in Fat Pizza Fan Group I started recently - 6
Saturday, September 29th, 2001
1:58 am
What I didn't think of when I was in Jerry Springer mode for my last post's introduction is the fact that SB/TG may never read it before they take their bats and balls and go home. It's there in black and white and I stand by every word.

Put my car in for a service today and it is running worse than it did when it went in. Hopefully it is just water in the carby from the engine clean.

It is strange how one unticked box that I didn't untick can cause Media Player not to play CD's. It is working now. Needless to say, I ticked the unticked box.

I hopefully will be seeing a close friend next weekend - I have left it up to her what she wants to do.

How's this for a pickup line?

Hey Baby, do you want some Lebanese between your knees? No? That's lucky for me because I'm not Lebanese.

I can't think of much to type at the moment. It's good to know that at least one person other than me reads my posts (thanks James for the comment)


Music - Fat Pizza CD
Toey - Lots of talent out tonight. Very toey
Number of stooges seen today - 10
Number of members in Fat Pizza Fan Group I started yesterday - 5
Friday, September 28th, 2001
1:34 pm
I'd like to open this LJ entry with a message to TG & SB whose LJ's I've just read. I don't know you guys really well but I've enjoyed reading your messages (and hopefully vice versa, even though I don't post as often as maybe I should). LOL. If only more people were as happy together as you two, this world would be a better place. I know that you are both busy people and I'm not couch potato either (I don't even own a couch!) but it would be good to stay in touch. Who knows, I might even make it to Melbourne by the end of the year. Hopefully I'll get MIRC working again soon so who knows. Take care of yourself and each other.

Now that neccessary bit of work is done, let's get onto what has been happening with me. Maybe I will get out of Jerry Springer mode!

This week will see the end of football season and I am determined to keep having fun and having a life. I have been working out regularly and I have been getting out a lot more. I've got a couple of options open in the romance front and I feel that I am (finally) ready for a relationship with the right person.

Things are also going well for me on the website front, especially the fansite that I am doing for the SBS TV show Pizza. I've had at least one cast member look at it and compliment me on it via email - I hate to sound up myself here but what the hey - it has more info about the show on it than the official SBS site. I have even started up a Fat Pizza Fan Group on Yahoo Groups. You can find out more info at http://www.erk.au.com/pizza

Speaking of my site (I consider all the self contained sections to be belonging to the one site), I was emailed yesterday and I have to change servers on the advice of my host to improve performance. So I have to upload 90Mb or so of photos etc. This is going to be interesting LOL. Lucky for me I have parts of my site on different servers!

I'm really pleased with myself, I have been able to stick with working out 3 times a week (on average) now for around 2 months, although it seems a lot longer. I'm starting to notice results.

This weekend I am going to my first Grand Final and I am confident that my team (the mighty Newcastle Knights) can win, even though they are playing Parramatta, who have been league's equalivant to Essendon this year.

Mood - content
Music - I'm watching The Bill from Tuesday night
Toey - 24/7
Stooge count for today - 0 (but I haven't been to work yet.)

(there'd be more news at 11 but I'd be nowhere near a PC)
Sunday, September 23rd, 2001
12:01 am
My rugby league team (the mighty Newcastle Knights) made the Grand Final after winning tonight. I'm excited! Mind you, I wasn't the only one. Total strangers hugging each other simply because of a football jumper. It's a strange world we live in!

Met some of the cast of Pizza that is shown on SBS, Monday nights, 8.30pm. I met Bobo and for some reason felt the need to do a Bobo impression. He was excited. Also met Pauly who is the brains behind the show. Mentioned to him my Pizza section of my website. Got some photos.

Mood - I'm excited
Music - the chant of Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle
Toey - could have got lucky for sure if I wanted to!
Saturday, September 22nd, 2001
11:22 am
I've decided.

If a certain person wants to play a game of no speakies for no reason, I can play her game as well. Hopefully she'll see the difference between the times we have talked blah blah fishcakes compared to when we haven't. Due to being at different locations next week anyway, we won't see each other. What's the old saying about being away from someone?

It's typical though (forgive Erk for playing the role of a victim for a short time). I get to know/like someone and for some reason, it goes pear shaped before things get to the next level.

I really envy people who are in a loving relationship. I see, I want in!

Oh well, that is my victim time over. Game on!

If she doesn't realise what I have to offer, that's her loss. Someone (hello?) is looking for me, it is up to me to help find her.


Mood - scanning, excited
Music - the crap that passes for music on Video Hits
Toey - yeah, why not! (Seriously, I need hugs)

Friday, September 21st, 2001
10:01 pm
PMT's got a lot to answer for. It is no fun being involved as an unwilling player in a no speakies contest when I've done nothing wrong. NOT HAPPY, JAN!

Tomorrow I'm going to meet the cast of Pizza. I have purchased my ticket for the stage show next Saturday night and for the rugby league grand final (my first) next Sunday.

Music - none
Mood - varies
Toey - a little
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